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  • I think there is plenty of room for the library 724Gb free on the disk! Is there a maximum recommended workable size for the library? It is quite large at present. I'll set up a new one, but it is nice to be able to reference all previous videos fro…
  • Well I did the reinstall after deleting voila and removing the voila device using it's uninstall script. I reinstalled from MacApp store and all was well for a few days, but it had the same problem last night again. I had been recording with some pa…
  • Hi I'm using the menu bar option. This works for pause and resume, but sometimes won't stop the recording. It's late here now, but I'll try a reinstall from the Mac App Store tomorrow
  • I was asked to download a new addition when I upgraded the version. VoilaDevice.pkg.zip and install this. Maybe you missed this? Asked first time I tried to record with system sound.
  • Thanks so much for introducing this. Just downloaded new version and the pause facility works flawlessly. Very seamless joins and a great addition. Thank you. ...now if you could add remembering last set area for recording that would be great.
  • That is great news about the pause option. I await the update eagerly
  • Yes, I'd be very keen for this. I often record on one screen while trying to work on another.

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