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  • @esagustin, I had the same issue with wanting to to leave the helper in the menu bar but wanting to delete the shortcuts because they interfere with other programs. I found they can be deleted if the preference file (in ~/Library/Preferences/com.glo…
  • Thanks for the quick reply, RAlfieri. They didn't reply directly to you about this issue, so I wasn't sure if it was specific to your setup. I felt it would be good to point out that it exists on other setups too. Cheers.
    in Bugs Comment by mlgill September 2009
  • I would love it if screenshots could be dragged directly from Voila onto the message entry box in Tweetie. This has never worked without first dropping the image onto my Desktop.
  • Drag and drop seems to be broken. I don't recall how long this has been broken, but I used to be able to drag and drop images onto my Desktop, for example. This no longer works with version 2.1(43). I'm on Snow Leopard, but I *think* this was a prob…
    in Bugs Comment by mlgill September 2009

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