How do I do ANYTHING?

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I recorded a short movie to test with, but beyond that, I can't figure out how to do any of the things I was told were so easy. Text annotation, effects, nothing. Tools and effects are greyed out, nonfunctional.

Where are the any instructions?

The Voila Help goes to a non-existent page.


  • Hi MFWills,

    Sorry to say but Voila is limited to image editing only. If video capture is selected then, the features like tools, text cannot be activated.
    Consider your suggestions noted, we cannot promise you anything, but will surely look into it.
    Captured video cannot be edited. Captured video can only be trimmed.
    Also, the help file is up again
  • I realize that this is coming up on a year old, but I also feel like MFWills... I just bought Voila today thinking I could add items to the video and found after purchasing that I can't. It's disappointing, as that is one of the reasons I purchased this app. It might be a good idea to make that clear in your web page and product info, since this seems to be marketed as a screen recording tool, which suggests video, and it's not a leap to assume that all of your features will work on video.
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