Boom 2 Remote connectivity issue

edited June 2015 in Product News
We’re aware of the situation where some users are experiencing issues with their Internet when using the latest ‘Boom 2 Remote’ and/or the latest update of Boom 2. We have noticed that this has affected only a select few and are already in the process of coming out with a fix within the next 2-3 weeks. We’ve raised this issue with Apple as it is not a problem on Boom’s end, rather due to the framework that is being provided and used.


When not in use, please Turn OFF the Boom 2 Remote option under Boom 2 Preferences/Settings.

Sometimes, even using AirDrop causes similar problems and we’re working with Apple to find a swift resolution to this. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope you understand the situation. Have a nice day!


  • I have just installed boom 2 (latest version) on my MacBook Pro and Boom Remote on my iPad. Boom remote is turned on in setting not the Mac and I keep getting the "no device found" message on the iPad. It seems that Boom 2 is not working well with El Capitan on the mac. I guess you guys are working on it.
  • Im havin da same issue, holla wen u fixed it
  • Same here ....
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