How to open different Voila or VoilaLibrary files

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I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I did a video recording of my screen. To help keep things organized, I created a new collection or file where I did a bunch of clips of screen recording. Then to make more room on my laptop, I exported the clips out to MP4 on a different hard drive and deleted the clips in the Voila application, thinking that will free up my hard drive. Now, I find out that size of that Voila file did not decrease. What is left it in? Can I delete it and feel safe that I didn't loose any clips that I have not exported to MP4 yet?



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    Hi Thuong,

    We do not suggest to delete files via Voila library.
    Please delete files within the app via Voila tray itself. Once deleted, please make sure to empty the Voila trash and check if it helps.
    Voila library contains all the data which you worked in Voila until now. To view the contents, you can do a right click (Control click) on Voila library and click on "Show Package Contents”.
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