Audio Not Working in Screen Recording

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I've recorded my voice several times while screen recording. I have Soundflower set-up. But, when I returned to Viola this time, I can't seem to get it working. Can someone walk me through how it's supposed to be setup on Mac in Preferences/Sound and then, what I selected when recording. Maybe it's something really simple, but when I go to playback the recording, I get nothing. Thanks much!


  • Hi MariaLara,

    Could you please let us know which version of Voila are you using? Latest version of Voila does not use Soundflower to record computer audio.
    To record computer audio, please make sure to check the ‘Record Computer Audio’ option from the window that appears just before recording. Please refer screenshot below.
    To record your voice, check the ‘Record Microphone’ option from the same window.
    If you want to record both audio inputs simultaneously, we suggest you make use of a headset to record your voice in order to avoid echoes.
    You can refer the below video for more info on recording option in Voila.

    How to screen-record:

    Voila user manual:
  • I have a similar issue, it involves just the computer audio, it says I need an audio driver, which I downloaded it already, and it still pops-up that I need to install the audio driver again, I am using the 3.9 version, the newest (I think), and I can't fix this issue please help, urgent
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