First image capture "skipped"

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I feel like this has happened several times now. I'll use the keyboard shortcut to take an image capture of the screen. Voila automatically opens but then nothing happens. The capture never appears in the library. If I switch back to what I was capturing and do it again, the image than appears.

Voila is running from the menu bar on start, so it seems like the delay in launching the app is causing it to forget what it is supposed to be doing.

Voila 3.9.1 on 10.10.5 (build 14F25a)


  • Hi Brian163t,

    It looks like you have multiple copies of Voila installed in your system. If yes, could you please delete the additional copies of Voila and check if it helps. Also, could you please open your Activity Monitor and check if you see multiple copies of Voila running. Next, quit all Voila process. Now, open System Preferences -> User & Groups -> Login Items and remove Voila from start up. You can select the option within the Voila app and check if it helps.
  • I appreciate the response but I don't think that is the issue.

    I don't appear to have any other copies of the app. It was installed by the App Store so I am not sure that could/would even happen. If I run Voila by selecting "Show Voila" from the menu bar, and then select "Show in Finder" from the Voila icon in the Dock, it reveals the instance installed in my Applications folder.

    Activity Monitor shows only a single VoilaHelper process running.

    I do not have Voila under my login items.

    Any other ideas?
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    Hi Brian163t,

    We would like to have a closer look at the issue, can have a screen-share session via Skype? Please do let us know when and at what time you can be available for this. We operate between 9:00A.M and 6:00P.M IST from Monday to Friday. Please pass us your handle. Our handle is globaldelightsupport. Or you can get in touch with our Support Team ( for further help.
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