Trim option is faded out

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I am new to Voila and I am not finding it easy to use at all. I have shot a video and now I need to trim it. I have downloaded the user guide and I have followed the instructions and the 'TRIM' button is faded out and I can't trim a thing. can someone please help me with this issue? Thank you


  • Hi Vanmac,

    Could you please make sure that you are under Organizer->All Videos. Next, try selecting Trim button and check if it helps. Also, you can check for trim option under edit in menu bar.
  • I am also new to Voila. Also having exactly the same issue. i record a video but i want to either trim or edit out part of the screen or obscure part of it, because i don't want to share certain info in the video.
    I can see the trim option but it is not greyed out.
    The manual is a bit basic. Are there any video demos? 
    I am enjoying the simplicity of Voila versus Screencast and some others, but I do need to be able to do some basic editing. 
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