Automatically save captured screens to a folder

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I just downloaded Voila and am hoping it's a viable alternative to Skitch. I am specifically looking for one super simple feature: Save all captured images to a specific folder.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Sharing manually to Dropbox or e.g. Google Drive isn't a viable solution for me (as an alternative to saving to a folder). I simply want all files to be saved to a folder. If I were to create an app like this, that would be the first feature I'd implement and I'd make it super apparent how it works.

Cheers, Lasse


  • Hi Lasse,

    You can organize all the captured images and recorded videos under smart collections (by defining rules for adding the images and videos).

    Smart Collections:
    You can organize the images and videos into Smart Collections based on specific rules.
    The following are the default Smart Collections:
    1. Recent: Contains all the images and videos captured in the last one week, by default.
    2. Screen Snaps: Contains all the captured screen snapshots (images), by default.
    3. Screencasts: Contains all screen recording videos, by default 

    To create a new Smart Collection:
    1. Click the '+' button at the bottom of the Organizer pane.
    2. Select ‘Create New Smart Collection’ from the drop-down menu that is put up.
    3. In the sheet that is displayed, specify a name for the Smart Collection and provide the required rules. To add a new rule, click the '+' button displayed adjacent to a rule. To delete an existing rule, click the '–' button adjacent to the rule. A Smart Collection always has at least one rule.
    4. Click the ‘Add’ button in the sheet.
    5. The new Smart Collection is displayed in the Organizer pane under ‘Smart 
Collections’, containing all the images and videos to which the specified rules apply. 

    Ps. If you wish to save all the captures to specific smart collection, you can change the 'Naming convention' under Voila Preferences-> Capture and specify the same rule.
    Please refer screenshot below:
  • I'm trying to do something similar. I don't quite follow the last part about specifying the same rule in the field for Preferences -> Capture -> Naming Convention. How do I add a rule to an field that wants text? I don't see any screenshot.
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