Could not import the clipboard because the file is not a TIFF file.

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I receive this alert everytime I copy and then try to paste an image from Voila to PS. I have tried changing clipboard settings and what not, but to no avail. I am using PS 2014 and it is up-to-date. Any suggestions?


  • Hi Mrjaymyers,

    We are able to regenerate the same issue. Also, we figured out that if you uncheck 'Copy last capture to clipboard' under Voila Preferences -> Capture -> 'Copy last capture to Clipboard', you will not get the error message in Photoshop.
    Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.
  • I'm still getting this issue - five months later. Has this not been fixed? To copy and paste a screenshot into Photoshop is a very basic feature and I was hoping that it simply works. Not sure if I'm willing to spend the money without this feature.
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    Same here at 5 June 2015. If I manually import than share with PhotoShop CS5 it works. Is there a preferred set of file types? I have tried several but despite setting Clipboard to TIFF and PhotoShop file as TIFF still get no sharing and the error message. If PhotoShop is already open I have no problems.
  • It's not July 15 and I'm still getting this message with Voila. This is VERY frustrating because I"ve used Voila for several years and have never had this issue.

    I am also getting the issue now when I close PS after having taken screenshots with Voila and then reopening it. It's like the clipboard continues to try to copy the clipboard to Photoshop when it reopens. I love Voila, but i'm about to give up on it.
  • I did just find one workaround. For whatever reason it just does not recognize PNGs created in Voila (it used to, but now it doesn't), but if I go into Voila and change the file type for export to PS to TIFF, then restart Voila... now it seems to work. Still, I'd prefer to export PNG files, so I'd love it if Voila would fix whatever is wrong.
  • Hi Ceesiren,

    We are working on the issue and the fix will be incorporated in the upcoming versions of Voila. Thank you for reporting.
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