Cannot record gotowebinar as a viewer on Mac OSx 10.9

With a new 2015 iMac and Voila, Does anyone know how to record screen video with audio of 'go to webinar" presentations from a Firefox browser with Voila .
I can record video in all cases, but very seldom with screen audio. I have tried with and without Soundflower.
I can record Youtube with audio often, but almost never with Go To Webinar, and by now with Soundflower my confusion is complete.. I have to set input and or output audio in preferences - with and without soundflower - does not seem possible;


  • I am re considering my comment aboveTo follow up after reading some other posts here - When I open Voila, click Selection in the Voila screen, turn off microphone
    (thereby "VoilaDevice" is deselected in this screen, but not in System Preferences under "Output")
    then,select an area of the Firefox browser including a Youtube video, turn on Voila recording, click the Youtube video, finish recording and turnoff Voila: sound and video are recorded; Soundflower is not involved)

    2) If I turn on Microphone the go through the same procedure, no difference

    3) However, I'll have to report the test on Go To Webinar capture as a viewer later - but I have done this testing many times with different results
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    Install this
    It is a plug-in for Voila.
    I'm using Yosemite and work just fine.
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    You can refer below video and check if it helps with webinar recording.
    Please try selecting VoilaDevice under webex audio/video Preferences and check if it helps.


    Voila records any audio that is played via your Mac. You can also record a voiceover to go with the video.
    To record computer audio, please make sure to check the ‘Record Computer Audio’ option from the window that appears just before recording. Please refer screenshot below.
    To record your voice, check the ‘Record Microphone’ option from the same window.

    If you want to record both audio inputs simultaneously, we suggest you make use of a headset to record your voice in order to avoid echoes.

    You can refer the below video for more info on recording option in Voila.

    How to screen-record:

    Voila user manual:
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