How to record the audio after boom effect (equalizer, effect, boom volume)

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Hello There,

The file boosting, only "boost" file, but doesn't apply the effect (for instance "fidelity") and the equalizer.

How can we do that?

Thank you =)


  • Hi Redalzo,

    The File Boosting feature of Boom 2 can boost the volume of files on your Mac in order to make them sound much better on all portable device. Currently Boom 2 doesn't provide such feature to apply any Equaliser or Effect during File Boosting.

    Import audio and video files into Boom 2 and it will boost their playback volume and save them in a separate folder for further use.
  • Thank you for the answer, i'm aware of how to boost file.

    But could Global Delight, consider such feature? (apply effect and/or the equalizer as a option for Boosting file)


  • Hi Redalzo,

    Consider your valuable suggestions noted. We will look into it.
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