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I've d/l Viola in order to test it.
I sent an email via your site - asking some stuff,
but no one replied nor did I get a confirmation mail that you received my mail.

I don't understand how to capture application Pallets.
I'm writing some manuals and in order to do so I need stuff like this.

I choose the object tool, I go to my application (Adobe InDesign), I put the tool above the desired palette until it's white, but the second I click it with my mouse, my whole screen becomes gray and the desired pallet disappers.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what and I could not understand from the user manual.

I don't have many trial days left,
I hope this will be answered fast.

all the best,


  • Hi Shlomit,

    Currently Voila cannot capture 'floating palettes'.
    Voila is the top most floating layer on the window when the capture event takes place. Hence, when a floating palette is on the screen and you invoke Voila capture function, the floating palette disappears. Consider your suggestions noted. We will look into it.
    We usually respond within two business days, often within 8 hours.
  • Thank you very much,
    In that case, Viola is not the application for me.
    All the best,
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