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Following the great article about boom2. How get a discount code of 50% for buy boom2 app ?


  • Hi Franckparienti,

    Boom 2 is a new app designed and built from the ground-up for OS X Yosemite.

    To upgrade from your current version to Boom 2 at 50% off, please follow the steps given below:

    1. Go to the website Click on the Store button.
    2. Scroll down to see the discounted store for current Boom users (see the screenshot given below)
    3. Tap on the buy button and it will bring up a new window
    4. Please fill the contact details over there
    5. Next scroll down and a box will appear. Please enter the same email id that was registered for beta program or enter your current Boom registration code and then tap on complete order button.

    Now your purchase will be complete and you will receive your registration code via mail.

    Next please register your purchase using the code that you receive and start Booming !

    Hope it helps.
  • I purchased my license for Boom through the Mac App store. If I was sent an email at the time, I no longer have it because I presumed that upgrades would be via the App Store. Where would I find my registration code?
  • OK I see now on your Lost License page that "Note: If you have purchased the application from the Mac App Store then there is no Registration Code."

    So there is no upgrade discount for those of us who found and purchased Boom in the Mac App store?
  • Hi Kazar,

    Please refer below link on Boom 2 upgrade discount when Boom 1 bought via Mac App Store.
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