Boom 2 -- Different settings for different output devices

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I switch between a DAC/Amp (usually running IEMs), Bluetooth cans, and the built-in speakers or headphone out on a very regular basis. It would be awesome if Boom 2 kept different settings for each output device.


  • Hi Trager,

    Consider your valuable suggestions noted. We will pass it to our development team.
  • I would like this as well.

    It'd also be nice to be able to toggle Boom 2 off without having to quit the app entirely.

    I use a USB audio adapter for my headphones (for a variety of reasons), and with Boom 2 running I get a lot of static when switching to the headphones, so I have to quit it.

    It'd be nice if you could support it — it's currently the only Mac compatible USB sound card on the market that fully supports Apple EarPods.:

    NRG Tech 4 Pole USB Audio Adapter- Designed for Apple Earpods or other compatible VOIP/ Skype headsets
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