Upgrade to Boom 2 for Apple App Store purchases

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I purchased boom through the apple app store. Is there going to be preferred upgrade pricing for people such as me?



  • Me too. I bought it less than a month ago..
  • Was about to upgrade but have no details from apple to buy the upgrade license. Kind of a big annoyed that I have to pay to upgrade as Boom 1 has some big bugs for Yosemite but Boom 2 has run fine. I'm not 100% that the updates to fix the bugs in Boom 1 are only in Boom 2 and I have to pay for a new license :/
  • Me three — looking forward to an answer on this!
  • Me too. I'm a student and a beta tester of Boom 2. But I purchased Boom 1 from the Mac Store.
  • Another Mac store owner of Boom 1.0 who wants to know about upgrade pricing especially as I have been having problems with Boom 1.0 on Yosemite.

    Can totally understand moving from the App store for technical reasons.
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    Dear Boom Customers

    Thank you for using Boom and supporting us. It means a lot to us!

    We are working on the Mac App Store version of Boom 2 and it is yet to be submitted. It may take about another week or less to submit Boom 2 and we don't have control over the review/approval process. As and when it gets approved, we will release it immediately.

    Boom 2 is a new app designed and built from the ground-up for OS X Yosemite. As you know, Mac App Store does not have an upgrade option as of now. So when it gets released, it will go as a new app. Mac App Store does offer educational discounts via volume purchase program but not for individuals. You can learn more about it here: http://www.apple.com/business/vpp/

    Boom 1x still runs on OS X v10.10, v10.9 and v10.8. There are no major bugs and we have been providing maintenance updates all these while. Boom 1x is not specifically designed for OS X Yosemite but has been made compatible to run to experience the best audio output.

    At this point, if any Boom 1x Mac App Store customers are planning to upgrade to Boom 2 website version, you can forward your Boom 1x sales purchase receipt (email) received from iTunes Store/Apple to boom2@globaldelight.com
    Our team will provide a special discount coupon using which you can avail the upgrade price for Boom 2 website version at 50% off.

    Please note, there is no mechanism for a Boom 2 website user to migrate his/her license to Mac App Store version as and when it gets released. If you wish to switch from website version to Mac App Store version, you will be buying a copy of Boom 2 on the Mac App Store.

    Thank you once again! We hope you have downloaded the Boom 2 trial on your Mac running OS X Yosemite and enjoying it.
  • GlobalDelight - Can you tell us what percentage discount you will be offering Boom 1 App Store owners? I have already been offered a 50% discount as a beta tester of Boom 2.
  • Hi CalEuanHopkins,

    There's no additional discount or clubbing of discounts possible. The upgrade price is mentioned on the online store and you can avail the benefit there.

  • @GlobalDelight: Thanks for the thoughtful response and plan. Given the App Store lack of support for upgrades, your offer is appreciated.
  • @Globaldelight, I purchased Boom 1. back sometime in 2012 and I am not sure where my registration code is. I love my Boom and look forward to Boom 2.0. How can I find my registration code from my original Boom purchase. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • @alanmccann You are welcome! We are really working hard to make things go faster and smoother as well..

    @Lyon_MG: Great to know you bought a copy of Boom 1x. If you have ever registered your copy of Boom 1x using that registration code at least once, use this link and fill the details in the form to get your Boom 1x copy automatically delivered to your email address: http://www.globaldelight.com/contact/lostlicenses.php
  • Ahhhh I purchased from the Mac App store. Thank you for the quick reply.
  • does this mean later on i can purchase boom 2 on the mac app store? I rather purchase it on the mac app store then purchasing it on the website
  • I just bought Boom 1.9.1 Family pack in June. I still have to pay for the upgrade???
  • @aaron_vo : You can do so as you wish. There is no special upgrade price possible on the Mac App Store, we hope it's clear. Similarly, you can not switch from website license to Mac App Store - there's no such mechanism that exists.

    @SirTekaLot: Boom 2 is a new app designed and built from the ground-up for OS X Yosemite. Yes, and there's 50% upgrade discount available for Customers who wish to upgrade to Boom 2.
  • I have sent an email on Thursday 2300hrs GMT and haven't hear back. Any idea when your team would get back?
  • Hi @vivek: Thank you for reaching out. There have been an overwhelming response and we are adding as many helping hands to get this done. Give it a day or two, like Tuesday, and we will do our best to reach you out. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
  • I have asked for my Boom V1 licence key, however as yet have not received it :(
  • I sent 2 emails a few days ago and I haven't received anything from you guys. The first e-mail contains the receipt of my Boom 1.x purchase in the Mac App Store. And the second e-mail is an inquiry regarding the discount of the Boom 1.x purchase a few months ago and the beta tester discount.
  • @obnoxious: We have processed all the requests for switch/upgrade from Boom 1.x Mac App Store to Boom 2 website version. We were lagging a bit but now it's being cleared on a daily basis. Pls. check your email.
  • @davidjonknight: Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you using the website version or the Mac App Store version of Boom 1.x?
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    I just received the e-mail that contains the special link that enables me to take advantage of the Mac App Store boom 1.x discount. How about for being a beta tester of Boom 2?

    Anyway, I'm planning to purchase a Single License (Good for 2 computers) or the Family Pack.

  • Hi @obnoxious: If you participated in Boom 2 Beta Program, even then you must have received an email to get a copy of Boom 2 at 50% discount. In any case, multiple discounts cannot be clubbed. Thank you.
  • Thanks! Do you guys have Boom 2 on the Mac App Store already? And do you accept PayPal as the method of payment if I won't be using the Mac App Store version anymore?
  • I just finished purchasing it. I have a question though. For example, I used it on my current laptop. Then I decided to buy a new one. I purchased the Family Pack. Is there a way to unregister the old laptop so that I can use the old laptop's registration into the new laptop?
  • Hello @obnoxious: Thanks for the support. Boom 2 has not yet made onto the Mac App Store. In any case, there's no migration/switching mechanism from website version to the Mac App Store version. As explained above, one needs to buy a fresh copy of Boom on the Mac App Store.. You need to "un-install" Boom 2 from your Mac and then you can install it on your other/new Mac.
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    I bought original Boom in the AppStore, but i haven't got the purchase receipt mail, i deleted it. Is there any way to get Boom 2 discounted coupon?
    Thanks, David
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    I have sent an e-mail containing my App Store receipt for Boom 1 on December 10th and again on December 12th and haven't heard back. Just making sure it reaches you.


    EDIT: Just received the 50% discount by e-mail, thank you!
  • Hello. I have sent an email with my Boom 1.x (from Mac App Store) receipt several times and I have not received any anwer from you. What to do, please?
  • I've also sent my email with my Boom 1.x receipt a few days ago, it would be a nice Christmas present if you send your answer before Christmas. :-)
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