Voila 3.0.4 Black Screen

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Hi all
Newbie here... I downloaded and installed Voila on my Intel MacAir running 10.7 and everything worked fine.

I have signed up for and am now running pre-release MacOSX Lion and the record Video in any type of config just gives me a black screen showing a staggered set of mouse movements on a jet black screen

isight capture and web capture still seems to work but the screen and video capture does not

Has anyone else got this problem?


  • Hi there,

    We have been testing Voila with the pre-release version of Lion, and we have found the same issues as mentioned by you. We are testing it further and working on these issues. Please let us know if you face any other features apart from the one's mentioned by you.
  • Many thanks for your reply

    All that I have read so far points to turning hardware acceleration off for the application having the problem.
    I have not been able to workout how to do this but suspect that it is a series of command line entries via terminal as there is no parameters that can be set in the system preferences.

    It is a problem experienced by a number of capture programs, leading me to believe the above to be true.
  • Thanks for sharing that info. As mentioned by you many similar apps are facing this issue. Currently we are looking into this and shall update you on any development from our side.
  • Getting the same issue, I guessing because this reply is from 3 years ago that this issue is never being resolved :/
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    Hi Roaken,

    The black screen issue occurs if you are using earlier versions of Voila i.e. v2.x up-to 3.0.4 on the latest OS i.e. OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, as Voila has compatibility issue with the same.
    We suggest you to upgrade your copy of Voila to the latest version i.e. v3.7.1 is the latest version available.
    Voila v3.7.1 is an advanced version from the previous versions. It allows you to Record High Quality videos, Upload to YouTube, Vimeo publishing via FTP/SFTP/Dropbox with URL generation, Image-resizing, improved file management and inclusion of 35 other new features.
    If you wish to buy the Upgrade you can do so. Please visit our store to know more.

    You can read this blog in-case you are unsure on how to obtain the Upgrade Price:

    However if you wish to revert to your previous version (v2.x), please download your copy from here:
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