Voila Display Dimming

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I have a feature request for Voila... I'd like to have the option to turn off the display dimming when recording a portion of the display. Perhaps, as an alternative, a thin box could be drawn around the area being recorded? There are times when I want to record a section of the screen, but need to be able to continue to work on sections that aren't being recorded without having the display dimmed...

Thanks for your time!
Ben Hendry


  • Yes, I have *exactly* this same request! I searched the Preferences hoping to find a way to do this, but apparently it doesn't exist. I have things being recorded off on a second monitor while I continue to work on the main desktop, and having the whole thing dimmed is ... unfortunate. If this could be addressed, it would be great.
  • (Speaking of preferences, is there one for the colours in the forum? It looked fine in Safari before I registered, but now the text of the discussion titles is white, on a white background, so that I need to highlight the whole page to read them! Weird.)
  • Hi DaveMc

    The screen is dimmed in order to highlight the selected region. We will consider this as a feature request and will try to add this in our coming updates, but i cannot promise you anything.
  • Yes, I'd be very keen for this. I often record on one screen while trying to work on another.
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