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I was excited about having an alternative to "Snapz,"
but I'm a little wary now. I've been trying all kinds of ways to
capture from an .avi video on my desktop. The video always looks
fine in the capture, but there is never any audio. I've tried all kinds of settings -
even the Soundflower settings (yes, I have that installed) -
but it would seem that the one to use would be the
"Record Computer Audio" setting? Still, I can hear the audio on
the original .avi video, but it never transfers to the Voila capture.
Am I missing a setting somewhere?

I'm running an 2.93 8-core Nehalem with 16GB of RAM



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    Hi Rod,

    When recording video from YouTube, a website, or a movie player, you must only keep the 'Record Computer Audio' selected.


    1) Launch the site or the movie player that you want to capture the video from
    2) Launch Voila, select the mode of Screen Recording that you want. I have chosen Selection capture here. Choose the area that you want to capture
    3) Since you are recording audio from a website/player, keep only the "Record Computer Audio" option selected. Hit the record button
    4) Start the video/audio file on the website/player. Recording in progress. Once done, select the "Stop and Save Recording" from the menu bar
    5) Now playback the video in Voila

    You can also watch the small movie file on how to do it, below:
  • Thanks for the reply, but I had done everything stated in your post
    when I was trying to get it going a couple of days ago and I've tried it again just now
    and all I get is video with no audio. I reluctantly went back to Snapz Pro
    (it's a very clumsy interface) and tried recording the same clip and the audio came out fine.
    It looks like I'm just going to be using it as a static screen capture.
    I like that you can create forms that aren't necessarily squares or rectangles,
    so there's an advantage there I suppose.

  • Well, I came back to Voila and I've been getting the audio to work.
    The problem that I'm having now is that when it does capture audio
    from an online source, the volume drops considerably while it's recording.
    After I stop recording, the audio goes back up to it's original volume.
    Is there some setting somewhere that's reducing the volume while recording -
    one that I can use to boost to the original loudness?

  • Very's gone back to not recording audio at all.
    I can't really depend on this at all - and I really want to be able to!
    I thought maybe it had something to do with various formats that it wouldn't record.
    For ex: if I recorded an excerpt of a .vob file - both on the disc and off the disc copied to my desktop,
    it doesn't make any difference - no sound after recording, but now I try a .mov and it records the sound fine.
    Both were played thru VLC.
    Right now, I just made a Snapz capture of the .vob and everything came out just fine, so what's the deal here?
    I let out a big moan whenever I have to get Snapz out because it's interface is clunky and very unintuitive,
    so I really wish this would work all of the time, but, alas...

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    Hi Rod,

    Could you try this? One of our users had this issue and this solution worked out for him.

    1) Uninstall SoundFlower from your system
    2) Try to 'Record Computer Audio' from your system using Voila. Ideally at this point Voila should give you a prompt to install SoundFlower
    3) If it does not, please re-download SoundFlower from the following link:

    Also could you tell me more about your system configuration?
  • Hi,

    I didn't get the prompt, but I re-installed SoundFlower anyway.
    No difference.

    The two types of things I'm trying to record are:

    1) capturing YouTube excerpts without having to link directly to them.
    They almost always look better with some editing. These seem to work fine now.
    There was a volume reduction problem, but that seems to have disappeared.

    2) .VOB excerpts from a European technical DVD (after it's been downloaded off the disc to my desktop).
    It has yet to work with this format, but works fine using Snapz.
    It doesn't really make sense because the sound in both types of excerpts sound the same -
    both coming out of my speakers just fine.

    Not sure which bits you need to know concerning the config,
    but as I said, I'm running an 2.93 8-core Nehalem with 16GB of RAM.
    Currently writing you in Firefox 4.0.1 using Mac OS 10.6.7...

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