Voila took over the mp4 format, why?

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And how can I put it back to QT as default?


  • Hi Rupes,

    Right click on a video, hit the Get Info option. Now change the default player, and apply change all. This should fix your issue.
  • Thanks, that did it ... quite simple really :)

    I was wondering though, why did Voila do this (make all mp4s open up in it)?
  • Hi Rupes,

    After installation of Voila, a movie file could open with Voila even if they were opening with some other app previously for the following reason:

    You may have never explicitly mentioned your preference app to open these movie files. So, the system has decided to set Voila as the default app.
    The system might have considered any of the following reasons to choose Voila as the default app to open the movie files:

    1. Voila is able to play movie files
    2. Voila is newer than the app that was playing the movie files before Voila was installed
    3. Voila has a higher version number

    Hope this helped.
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