Autocompletion of Tags & Set Default View

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Version 3.0.1 and still no autocompletion of tags? That is so hard to believe. Is it ever coming to Voila? It is so important. Am I the only one who thinks so? I have to be very careful when I type my tags and try to remember precisely how I tagged things, which isn't easy when you have thousands of images and hundreds of tags.

Voila also needs some sort of tag manager or tag cloud. It's been at least a year and a half since tag autocompletion was requested as a feature. Is anything happening on it? Little Snapper has tag completion and a tag manager. Yojimbo has it. Chronos products have it. Is Voila the only who doesn't have it? I'm so disappointed.

Here is something else I would like to do: set a default view. I don't want my default view to be the Workbench & Capture Tray. I want it to be the Thumbnail View, but I can't set it that way. I have to click the Show or Hide Browser View icon every time I look at an image. I can't even set a shortcut for it in Sys Prefs because it's two levels in: View>Show Only Browser>Thumbnail View. If it was View>Thumbnail View, at could at least set my own shortcut.

I hope your New Year Resolution (for 2011, not 2012 or later) is to get that tag autocomplete and manager added to Voila. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  • Hey Robin

    Thanks for all the feature requests, feedback and suggestions. We definitely have marked all these in our internal tracker and would take them up in the next few updates. There are some new updates planned with some new features and we would roll them out some time soon. We have planned a road map for Voila in 2011 and you would see this tool improving and useful as a productivity manager.

    Team Voila
  • Well, It's now 2012 and still no auto complete for tag addition.

    Where is this road map u mention?
  • Hi Timid,

    The Auto-tag completion feature has been worked out and would be a part of Voila in one of the future updates. And exact/estimated time cannot be provided at the moment.

    We have planned quite a few significant updates with enhanced features to Voila for this year. The nature of these updates will be communicated in advance.
  • Voila has so many great features, making it the all-in-one capturing tool I needed, but the total lack of tag management and autosuggestion just renders it completely useless in terms of organizing your files. I searched for like half an hour for it, being convinced that such simple but essential functionality must have been hidden somewhere, but alas.
    Having read this thread, I don't think I'm gonna wait for it either, so I'll just go for a little less features but at least with tag management then. Too bad really.
  • August 24, and I'm waiting for tag completion/suggestion as well. Hope it's coming soon.
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