Annotating Screen Videos?

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Hi. Is it possible to add annotations to a screen video recorded in Voila? I produced a short screencast and would like to highlight certain elements with a spotlight or coloured oval. At another point I would like to blur entry of sensitive information like a username or password. I see that this can be done with static screen shots. Can it be done for video as well? If not, can it be done after the fact using a separate utility?




  • Hello brian

    Thanks for the feature request. Currently, with Voila you can record a high quality video of your desktop but there are no video editing options. We hope to add some basic video editing into this app down the line. You can export the video from Voila and edit it using iMovie. There are some other nice Mac apps which offer advanced video editing as well..

    Team Voila
  • wow ... that was the whole reason I bought this.
  • Just a point to note that we have never published or promoted Voila as a video editing app on our website or on the App Store. We also provide free trial for anyone to try the app and see if it fits their requirements and then buy. Please get in touch with Voila Support Team if you are not happy with your purchase, as long as it has not crossed 30 days from the purchase date.
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