Capture Selection Options

It would be very helpful if the Capture Selection tool in Voila had these features: retain the previous shape and position of the selection rectangle; option to define preset selection attributes; "snap-to" feature when closing a polygon capture so that the last leg is vertical/horizontal wrt the first selection point. I often do several captures for presentations and would like for the captured area to be a standard size.


  • This feature is not Supported in the current version.
    However, We will consider this in the future update.
  • It's been over a year on this comment, I'd like to make sure that you are still considering the request to retain the previous shape and position of the selection rectangle and the ability to define preset selection attributes. Both of these would make Voila much easier to use when generating a series of screenshots for documentation purposes. (I don't use the polygon feature that much, but that is certainly a worthy addition as well).

    --> John
  • Hi All,

    Consider your suggestion noted. We cannot promise you anything, but probably in future updates we may include such feature.
  • This feature was requested TWO years ago now, still waiting. When creating documentation, the ability to have a consistent capture size is important. Right now, Voila can not do that, but competing products can. I purchased Voila in part to support development (love the editing/annotating of Voila features), but I've not seen much done to improve the feature set for professional use. The social media features are nice if you are into that, but if you are trying to accomplish work (screen shots for documentation and training), the lack of development is troubling.
  • I need this too ! (remember previous selection rectangle). PLEASE !!!
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