Can't rid of Boom 2 now

I am using a trial version of Boom 2.
My issue is that:
1) I downloaded the original dmg from your site;
2) move the app to Applications;
3) chose the Trial option;
4) clicked the Install button ("to my Mac up for the Boom 2 experience").
5) entered my Mac password;
6) hit Continue;
7) your app crashed and exit automatically. Note that I am not using any headphone and/or other devices on my Mac.
8) neither re-running the app nor replacing the installation does not work for me.

Plz help and TIA!


  • Hey,

    We would like you to try below troubleshooting steps and check if it helps. 

    1. Quit/force quit Boom 2 via Activity Monitor

    2. Delete Boom 2 via Application folder

    3. Refer screenshot below and delete Boom 2 folder under Users/Music path

    4. Run the below command in Terminal

    defaults delete com.globaldelight.Boom2

    Hit enter

    defaults delete com.globaldelight.Boom2Daemon

    Hit enter

    5. Next, reinstall a fresh copy of Boom 2 via purchase point and check if it helps.

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