Audio component prevents Mac booting

I have installed the Boom 2 Audio Component but it doesn't allow my Mac to boot.
After booting up in verbose mode I found out that a kext is responsible.
This is what I got:

I boot in recovery partition, deleted Boom2Device.kext and was able to boot my computer.
What is the problem with this kext? Why does it crash my Mac?
Is there any way to fix this and use Boom?


  • Hey,

    Could you please let us know which system are you using? Please keep your Console app open, do check for Boom logs when the issue reappears and send it to our Support Team (

    As for troubleshooting, please uninstall Boom2 completely within the app via Settings->Uninstall Boom 2. Next, re-install the app via purchase point and check if it helps. 
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