uninstall from El Capitan resulted in lost sound pref option

I installed Boom 2 demo recently on my El Capitan system and used the provided uninstaller to uninstall it at the end of the demo period. I noticed that my system prefs>>sound no longer lists "internal speakers" as an output option. Prior to installing boom the internal speakers were selectable in system prefs>>sound. How can I get my internal speakers back? Thanks for help.


  • Hey,

    We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Boom 2 works independently from the OS. It provides a driver in your System Sound Preference known as Boom2Device.

    Once Boom 2 is quit or uninstalled from the system then it has nothing to do with the system sound. 

    We searched in Apple forums and it seems that you might have to do a PRAM reset. Before doing so, please uninstall Boom 2 within the app via Settings->Uninstall Boom 2.

    Please try resetting PRAM and check if it helps.

    Please follow the steps provided in the below link:

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