Unable to successfully update from Boom 2 Version 1.4.3 to 1.5

Two or three days ago, I started to receive notifications that there was a new version and was prompted to update. I have been able to go through all of the steps, even to the point of "Quit and relaunch." Regardless of how many times I go through the process, when it relaunches, I am still on version 1.4.3.

I even uninstalled the existing version and came to the GlobalDelight website to download a fresh copy, hoping that it was already 1.5 but the download from the site is the same I already had installed.

 I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12 on an early 2015 MacBook Pro.

Any suggestions?


  • Hey,

    This is a very rare server issue due to heavy congestion. In the future we will be providing the updates in a controlled manner.

    Could you please uninstall Boom 2 within the app via Settings->Uninstall Boom 2 (Refer the attached screenshot) 

    Next, run the below command in Terminal. Make sure you have saved the registration code of Boom 2 before this step.

    defaults delete com.globaldelight.Boom2

    Hit enter

    defaults delete com.globaldelight.Boom2Daemon

    Hit enter

    5. Next, re-install a trial copy of Boom 2 via www.globaldelight.com/boom and register the app using the same registration code. Hope it helps.

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