Distortion post Sierra

Upgraded to macOS Sierra last week and since then have been unable to use Boom 2 (1.5 - bought direct, not via Apple.  Is this the most up-to-date version as I'm reading in these discussions about 1.9.5).

Audio fine when using iMac internal speakers but I send audio via BT to a Logitech BT adaptor connected to an Amp.  

Anyone else suffering since Sierra?



  • Hey,

    Apologies for those who have been experiencing distortion when music is being played on bluetooth speakers and headphones via Boom. 

    We’ve come up with a temporary solution while our technical team is fixing it in the next update. 

    For those who are experiencing it, please try this trick. 

    1) Open Boom 2.

    2) Select the first option in which you can control the Boom volume and equaliser.

    3) Reduce the bass EQ frequency.

    4) Drag the equaliser points below the median, save the Preset and click play. 

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