Boom2 Mac-Not functioning after install.

I have bought the Boom2 app using Mac App store in my mac.
I had follow the proper instructions to install it but the app is not functioning as it's suppose to. There wasn't any effects to my sound output at all even i tried tweaking the equalizer and etc. I restart my computer, and also the apps, but the sound/music i am playing doesnt seems to have any difference to it. 

So I did an uninstallation and redownload the trial version again from your site.. And its working fine. Problem now is, I had paid about $SGD28.88 and I am using a trial version, but I have not receive any registration code from your company. I would like to ask for a refund or a registration code to activate my current trial version, which is functioning well. Please reply to this mail soonest possible.


  • Hey,

    Mac App Store version of Boom 2 does not require any registration code. Could you please uninstall trial version of Boom 2 within the app via Settings->Uninstall Boom 2 and re-install a fresh copy via Mac App Store.

    While re-installing from Mac App Store, make sure that you use the same Apple id which was used during the initial purchase.

    Also, for Mac App Store users, you need to select Volume boost option (first option) from the side panel (please refer screenshot). Here, if you click on the 'Get Started' tab don't you get an option to Download an audio component like the one shown in this screenshot? If yes, please click on it and it will launch a web-browser with an option to download and install the audio component. 

    Please install the component and you can see the EQ and volume boosting functionality.

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