Also Super frustrated

Installed the app hoping to improve the sound of Spotify on my mini mac.  

No improvement, not intuitive at all, no clear instructions and no normal support methods such as YouTube tutorials.

I am used to apps that are intuitive and start working as soon as you install.  This far I fell royally ripped off and will be going to Apple making this clear


  • edited September 2016

    Have you purchased Boom 2 via Mac App Store?

    For Mac App Store users, you need to select Volume boost option from the side panel. Here, if you click on the 'Learn More' tab don't you get an option to Download an audio component? If yes, please click on it and it will launch a web-browser with an option to download and install the audio component.

    Please install the component and you can see the EQ and volume boosting functionality.

  • i have 1.9.5 version on os10.11.6. have downloaded  the component and still can't see the eq. 
  • Hey,

    Due to some limitations we pulled off the sales of Boom 1x from the Mac App Store.

    Currently, you can upgrade to Boom 2 at more than 50% off via our Web Store.

    Please forward your Boom 1.x sales purchase receipt from the iTunes Store/Apple to and our team will get back to you with instructions on redeeming your discounted copy of Boom 2.

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