App level input controls

Boom Devs,

Thanks for making Boom - very very impressive software and lovely interface.  Clearly, you made a huge effort to optimize the experience not just aurally, but also for an excellent UI and UX experience.  Bravo.

I have two requests.  One: Is there a way for you to add the iOS 3D effect to the Mac version, such that my receiver could send the audio more effectively to the 5.1 speaker setup to which it is connected?  Especially the rear satellites?

Two: I use my Mac as  HTPC in addition to playing music.  I have a number of files with dolby digital ac3 or DTS soundtracks that rely on unadulterated audio bitstreams to be sent to my receiver to properly decode them.  This works fine without Boom installed, or with boom installed but not running.  It would be extremely helpful to have an input control panel where I could disable Boom for specific apps - e.g. Quicktime, and Plex.  Or alternatively, enable it solely for specific apps e.g. iTunes.

I think these two requests are at least theoretically possible because I have also used a software called 'Hear' by JoeSoft.  This is very similar to Boom, but is less polished in *every way* except the two mentioned above.  (Sadly, it has not really been updated in years.)

If I had to choose, the discrete input controls would be most useful to me.

Thanks for your efforts,

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