Boom 2 keeps crashing, takes down audio, on MacBook w/ElCapitan

Boom 2 has started crashing whenever my MacBook Pro goes to sleep or restarts (I think it might have begun after the last IOS X update July 30th, but cannot be sure). In the process, the internal speakers are switched off so I need to go to settings to reactivate them. Boom 2 becomes completely unresponsive, no matter which route I try to get to it (eg, top menu bar, launchpad, Finder, Applications folder etc). It's not possible to force quit or to delete Boom 2 either because my Mac thinks it's still running in the background. Using another App I was able to uninstall Boom 2, then reinstalled it again with the latest update. It worked fine for a short while, but as soon as my MacBook powered down, the same problem reoccurred. For now, I've uninstalled Boom 2 to be safe and won't reinstall it until I know what has caused this problem and that it won't happen again. I'm using El Capitan 10.11.06. Could someone in support please tell me how to fix this or, if this is to do with the El Capitan update, if you'll be issuing a patch soon, Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Could you please contact our Support Team ( for further help? We will then provide you with a uninstall script to completely uninstall and re-install the app.
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