Can't capture menus or spinners

I want to be able to capture an area on the screen where a menu has been chosen, e.g., File. Every time I try to do it, the menu disappears. The same for spinners, like the one to the right of "Category" in the New Discussion dialog box.

I migrated from SnagIt to Capto where this functionality was always available. What am I missing in Capto that I can't do it here? It's an essential function for tech support and frustrating that they disappear during a capture.


  • I'm having the same trouble. Also I can seem to find anything in the documentation on it. Is there any documentation other than just the video tutorials that are posted? I know we're just getting going with Capto and I really love what seems to be it's potential, but I would love some more complete documentation.

    Steven B)
  • Hi Bocaboy,

    In the recent update of Capto, we have provided an option to 'Capture Floating Panels', this should help. Please refer screenshot below:


    We are working on the documentation part and you should be seeing it soon, like in a week or two.
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