Disables itself in macOS Sierra

I know that macOS Sierra is not in stabel but Public Beta right now. But think it,s worth mentioning. Starting up my mac, Boom 2 launches fine for a minute, agter a while it the turns off, in other words disables it self. Any idea about why ?


  • Hi,

    Our team is still working on a new update compatible for OS X 10.12. The new update will be available once the new OS X will be released.
    Also, could you please mail our support team with more details regarding your issue. Please mention your device configuration in the mail.
  • I too updated to sierra on my macbook pro on 9/20.  Boom 2 disappears when I shut my macbook off. I get it back by going to finder applications and clicking it on to open it.  Very frustrating to have to do this every time I turn computer on.
  • Hi Venango,

    Please make sure that you have checked the "Boom Helper" option under Boom 2 Settings. Also, add Boom 2 to the Login Items on your mac via System Preferences->User&Groups->Login Items.

    If you still face the issue with the app, please contact our Support Team (boom2@globaldelight.com) for further help.
  • Hey! I'm running Boom 2 vers. 1.5, is it safe to upgrade to Sierra now? Cheers
  • Hey,

    The latest version of Boom 2 (v1.5) is sierra compatible. Please update your OS to the latest version and see i it helps.
  • Any update on Sierra-compaitable version?  Horrid distortion over a Logitech Bluetooth adapter using Boom 2 (v 1.5).  Can't use it.  It was fine pre-Sierra.
  • Hey,

    We’ve come up with a temporary solution while our technical team is fixing it in the next update. 

    For those who are experiencing it, please try this trick. 

    1) Open Boom 2.

    2) Select the first option in which you can control the Boom volume and equaliser.

    3) Reduce the bass EQ points.

    4) Drag the equaliser points below the median, save the Preset and click play. 

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