Record Audio & Video Cisco Webex

I'm trying to record a video playback of a webinar that uses Cisco's Webex Network Recording Player.  Watching the sound preferences panel I see that the audio changes over to "CaptoDevice" as soon as my recording starts, but it doesn't record any output.  As soon as I stop the recording the sound switches back to Headphones (my default playback out of my Macbook).  During recording if I try to click on Headphones it immediately and automatically goes back to CaptoDevice, no matter if I click on it once or multiple times.  If I try to switch to CaptoDevice before starting my recording it goes back to Headphones immediately and automatically.  

If you need a link to what I'm trying to record just let me know.



  • Hi Jlarso5,

    To record system audio while recording a webinar session, we suggest you to choose the output device under Cisco's player. Once the recording starts, you can set it to CaptoDevice and check if it helps.

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