Boom2 not launching in El Capitan


I have uninstalled all Boom2 audio components and copies from my device and tried re-installing boom2 again but when i click on the icon it simply doesn't launch. 

Can you provide a solution to this? I already have a ticket (36604) open but i am getting no answer from you.

Can you advice?


  • Hey,

    Have you purchased Boom 2 via Mac App Store?

    For Mac App Store users, you need to select Volume boost option (first option) from the side panel . Here, if you click on the 'Learn More' tab don't you get an option to Download an audio component ? If yes, please click on it and it will launch a web-browser with an option to download and install the audio component. 

    Please install the component and you can see the EQ and volume boosting functionality.
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