Boom 2 v1.4.1 Problem with FaceTime Audio/Video

Hello There,

I just recently purchased Boom 2 and there seems to have problem with Boom 2 when using FaceTime. The voice quality is so low and the other side can not hear me.

Please advise, if there's a solution to this. Otherwise using Boom 2 with FaceTime is incompatible and cause lots of agitation.

I expect developers to provide a solution to this soon.



  • Hi narender,

    We would like to inform your that in the latest OS, FaceTime forces any third party apps to lower the volume when there is FaceTime call activated. There is nothing Boom 2 can do, yet we are looking into it. 

    Please quit Boom 2 while using FaceTime. You can try launching Boom 2 after starting the FaceTime call and check if it helps. 
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