Voila v2.5 Snow Leopard compatible version

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Hi All

Many of you have provided your suggestions, feedback and reported issues with v2.1. We are now ready with Beta build of Voila new version. You can let us know if you would like to Beta test this new version and provide your feedback.

Team Voila


  • Hi All

    Voila v2.5 is now available for download. Below is the list of new features and bug fixes.

    New features:
    - Compatible with Snow Leopard
    - Copy last captured image to Clipboard
    - Copy-paste images and annotations to other applications
    - Capture active-state windows
    - Spotlight feature to highlight specific area on the image
    - A new plain Outline border
    - Color profile of captured image same as System profile

    Bug fixes:
    - Drag-and-drop support to Dock icons, Finder
    - Saving last used settings
    - Remember last save and last open location
    - Smoothing arrow heads and line endings
    - Improved webpage and DOM captures
    - Other UI and localization errors

    Try it out and let us know your feedback. A big thanks to all the Voila users who Beta tested v2.5 and provided your valuable feedback.

    Team Voila
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