Voila Crashing

I'm having an issue with v. 3.4 on my Macbook Pro Retina....click to run it and it immediately crashes. Tried completely uninstalling it (using App Cleaner to get rid of logs and cached files), re-downloaded the latest version and reinstalled. Still same problem...immediate crash as soon as it begins. Doesn't even get to a main window or anything. V 3.4 is fine on my iMac. Both are OSX 10.8.3. Any ideas???


  • Hi Neveda,

    Regarding your query, could you please copy and paste the entire crash report to a mail and send it across to our Support Team.

    To retrieve crash report,

    - Open "Console" (you can search in "Spotlight")
    - Do a clear display within the Console in top bar
    - Launch Voila
    - Once Voila crashes - search for Voila in Console search column
    - All Voila related logs will be present, try to find a small drop down on the start of the (Any) message. Click on it, an attachment will be present in it. Open it (believe me its too large) and send it to us.

    As for troubleshooting, could you please open 'Activity Monitor' via Spotlight and check whether there are 2 Voila process or two VoilaCapture's running, if yes, quit the process and launch Voila. Do you have multiple copies of Voila in your system? If yes, delete the extra copies.
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