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I discovered recently that capturing a menu with Voila is even easier than the process described in the help menu ... you don't need the first step.

As long as Voila has been launched (icon shows in the menubar), just click on a menu title in any application, roll-over to a menu (or sub-menu) item if desired, and type the Voila menu capture keystroke (default Command-Shift-M).
To finish capturing, either hit Return or click on the selection ... or Esc to cancel.

Very cool.


  • Hello RayB

    Good that you found this feature. While we write Help file, we do mention the straight steps and any alternate in the Notes.

    Team Voila
  • Yes, this is an easy and quick way to capture a menu but I cannot find a way to also capture the menu title. I do a lot of screen captures for instructional books, presentations, articles, and a blog, so I need to show not only the menu but where the menu is coming from. I haven't found a way of doing this with Voila. I can do this with other non-Mac products like Fullshot or Snagit but I want to do this native on my Mac. The SHIFT+COMMAND+4 allows me to do this. What am I missing?


  • Hello jramirez

    Currently Voila leaves out the Menu title while capturing the Menu. We know this is an inconvenience. There are some technical reasons - Apple events are not giving the Menu title while capturing the menu. Our developers are working on this and exploring various possibilities to capture the Menu with title. Hopefully, we should be able to do this in the next version.

    If you have any other suggestions, comments or feedback, please feel free to post it here.

    Team Voila
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