Unable To Record Audio with Voila Driver


First off....I love your software! Its one of the most intuitive pieces of software for the MAC made. Great job!

I'm trying to record a selection from a file I'm playing using VLC for MAC.
No problem recording the video, however I cannot record audio. I installed your driver as instructed.

I've also tried selecting the VoilaDevice sound driver from the Input & Output Sound Preferences in the MAC.
I'm using the latest version of OSX plus the latest version of Voila. Any suggestions?

Soundflower is NOT installed in my system either. I did a clean install of 3.4.


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    Thank you so much for your kind words. Regarding your query, we checked by screen recording a video file in VLC player and it seems to be a bug in Voila. It seems that Voila is unable to record audio files played via VLC player. Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.
    As an alternate, you can open the file in QuickTime and record the same.
  • The file is a bluray file. Thus, quicktime won't open it.
    Looking forward to a potential fix! :-)
  • Thanks for updating. We have noticed the issue and our development team will be notified about the same.
  • Viola fails to write to disc when my external microphone is selected in the 'Record Selection'. I'm using a Samson Go, which is recognised in the setup panel, i.e. audio input appears when speaking. But any attempt to stop and save produces an 'unknown error -1, failure to record to disc'. Selecting the internal microphone works fine.
  • Hey Sleepless,

    Regarding your query, we have come up with the beta build where we have tried providing the fix for the issue reported by you. Could you please write to our Support Team and request for the beta build.


    On further study, it seems that we have an option to select the active sound output device via VLC. While screen recording in Voila, if we wish to capture the audio file, we need to manually select the audio device in VLC.

  • Hi,

    I have been having the same audio problem when using VLC media player. I have tried manually selecting the Audio Device in VLC while screen recording, and selecting 'VoilaDevice', but it is still not recording any audio. I have tried updating VLC, but this has not helped either. How can I get this fixed? Is there another media player you'd recommend if this can't be sorted?

  • Hi JimmyHay,

    Could you please let us know the file format played in VLC?
    We checked with VLC v2.1.2 and it works fine on OS 10.9.1.
    Also, in the latest VLC update, you do not have to switch the audio device manually and yet Voila will record the same.
    You can uninstall VoilaDevice within Voila preference -> under 'Record' and reinstall the same by check/uncheck the 'Record Computer Audio' and let us know if it helps.
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