Boom 2 not syncing with Boom Remote app

Hi, I currently run a copy of Boom 2.1.4 on my Macbook Pro (OSX El Capitan 10.11.2) and I wanted to try out the Remote app. I proceeded to download and install the app in my iPhone 6 and connected both the Mac and iPhone to the same wifi network. Note both Boom 2 and the Remote app are up to date. Once I tried syncing the Remote to Boom 2, a message appeared saying there was no device detected and that I should update Boom 2 on my Mac. Everything else works fine and I DO have the audio component up and running. Any suggestions?


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    Please check whether the below provided steps helps you.

    1 Make sure BoomRemote is ON in your Mac

    2 iOS device and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

    3 Turn off/on Wi-Fi on both devices and try to pair again

    4 Quit and relaunch both Mac and iOS app

    5 Make sure both iOS and Mac app are update to date

  • I'm running the same OS and my computer and phone as the OP and tried those directions several times over the last few weeks and it still doesn't work. Is this just a known incompatibility? 
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    Could you please try connecting to different network and check if it helps? We tested this from our end and everything worked fine for us.
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