How to recover Voila Library after crash

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My Mac Pro Tower motherboard recently melted down, however, I was able to save the contents of the internal hard drive. I purchased a new iMac, bought a fresh copy of Viola, and copied over the VoilaLibrary.libVoila from the recovered original hard drive to the internal hard drive of the new computer, so that I could recover the hundreds of images I had built up. Unfortunately, when I double clicked on this library, it only had the last image I had grabbed before the crash. It is a 3MB file with lots of images. Is there any way I can recover the library contents? Has the library been damaged, and if so, is there a way to correct it? Thanks for any help!


  • Hi there,

    Regarding your query, if you double click on Voila library (while Voila app is quit), then Voila app will take up the same library as the preferred one and launch the app. Is it possible that you had multiple copies of Voila library?
    Voila library contains all the data, which you worked in Voila until now. To view the contents, you can do a right click on Voila library and click on "Show Package Contents".
    If you are unable to see the contents via "Show Package Contents" then it is possible that you have lost all the data. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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