Command H to hide voila whie Record Selection is active

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This used to bring the entire screen back to full brightness, and now only the area being recorded is in full brightness. This is not a workable workspace for me. Is there a preference I am not setting properly?


  • Hi Kat,

    Regarding your query, we have tried to regenerate the bug with the current version of Voila and the upcoming version of Voila and feature mentioned by you seems to work fine.
    Is it possible that you might have installed third party app which might be conflicting?

    As for troubleshooting, could you please uninstall/delete Voila and reinstall a fresh copy from the following link and check whether you still get the same issue.

    Please delete all other Voila application from your system before reinstalling a fresh copy.
    To uninstall Voila;

    1. Quit Voila
    2. Go to Application folder via Finder and delete Voila app.

    If you have purchased Voila via Mac App Store, please reinstall Voila from Mac App Store itself. Ensure that you use of the same account which was used on purchase.
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