Boom 2 Facetime Microphone Incompatibility

Good Afternoon

Firstly, thank you for developing such a high quality volume booster/eq application. I'd been searching for something like this for quite a long time and was very happy/have been very happy with this product.

I've run into a problem on my desktop. I use a USB sound card for my microphone and have the selected as the default input device. However, for some reason, when I have Boom running it seems to deselect this input device and set it to something else. Whenever I receive a FaceTime call, my microphone does not work. I have to reset the sound devices with the following command to get it working again (NOTE: Selecting the input device by holding option and clicking the sound icon sometimes fixes it and sometimes doesn't):

sudo killall coreaudiod

This as you can imagine is pretty annoying to the point where I had to uninstall boom on my desktop since I answer a large amount of phone calls on it using Continuity and FaceTime.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? I personally don't care for Boom to have any interaction with my audio input, is there a way to disable it?

Thank you!


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    We would like to inform you that in the latest OS, FaceTime forces any third party apps to lower the volume when there is FaceTime call activated. There is nothing Boom can do, yet we are looking into it. 
    Please quit Boom 2 while using FaceTime. You can try launching Boom 2 after starting the FaceTime call and check if it helps. 

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