Replace Boom1 with Boom 2

I bought Boom 2 and put Boom 1 in trash, but I keep getting this message: "Boom 1 and Boom 2 can't run simultaneously." I'm using a MAC. Any tips?


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    Hello there,

    You don't seemed to have uninstalled the app properly. In order to completely uninstall it, you'll need to do so from within the app only. If you've purchased Boom 1.x from the Mac App Store, please re-install it and head into the settings menu (gear icon on the bottom right) -> Preferences and you should see an option to completely un-install Boom 1.x.

    If you've purchased Boom 1.x from our store, please write to us at and we'll help out. Thanks.
  • Nope. there is no option to uninstall from within the app preferences. Also turning off the option to start up on login doesn't stop it from starting up on login.
  • Nope. Doesn't work. Also - shutting off automatic startup on login doesn't work either.

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    Could you please mail your query to our Support Team (
    We will provide you with an uninstall script to completely uninstall Boom 1x. Once the Boom 1x app is uninstalled completely, you will be able to launch Boom 2 app without any issue.
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