Boom 2 - Not working on El Capitan, Boom 2 Remote not syncing.

So I've literally just paid for and downloaded Boom 2 to my Mac, running on El Capitan. I can't adjust anything "live" on the mac. So I downloaded the phone remote app, that must surely work?

Nope, the remote app won't sync to the mac despite being on the same wifi network. I get a message saying to update Boom 2 on the mac (there are no updates in app store). To add insult to injury, I've tried uninstalling Boom 2 from the mac and even that won't work. Not overly impressed by this considering I've just paid £7.99 for something utterly useless.


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    Hello there,

    It looks like you haven't installed the audio component that makes the app fully functional. Please open Boom 2, click on the volume boost button as shown in the attached images, and then proceed to install the audio component. You app should now be fully functional :)

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