Cannot quit boom so i can run boom 2

I cannot open Boom 2.  I get a message Boom and Boom 2 cannot be run simultaneously.  How can I quit Boom?


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    Please quit Boom first attempting to run Boom. If you have already uninstalled Boom 1.x and are still facing this issue, then you may not have uninstalled the app correctly. You need to uninstall Boom 1.x only from within the settings menu of the app (gear icon -> Preferences) for a complete uninstall.
  • same problem here
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    We have provided the steps to uninstall the app and its components in the Boom 1x user manual. (Refer the attached screenshot).
    Also, if you have deleted the app from the Applications folder without uninstalling, then there will be traces of Boom 1x on your Mac. Hence, it requires to run an uninstall script to uninstall the app completely. We cannot provide the script here in the Forum, as the script may be misused in the future. Hence, please contact our Support Team ( to get the steps to uninstall the Boom 1x app completely. We will be happy to help you.
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