The screen recording works perfectly. It captures the computer audio just fine. Yes, I enabled the capture computer audio function. I screen record with my mac microphone picking up me talking, while I have the mac capturing the computer audio through the voila device. Yes, I have the latest version. HOWEVER, when I try and upload the video to dropbox and play it back, there is absolutely no computer audio. Only my voice. 

My troubleshoot was to upload the video into Logic Pro X and extract the audio. I found out that it separated the audio into two source channels (long story short, two separate tracks: my voice coming from the mac microphone, and the computer audio). I had to re-export the audio without the video so that it was all on one channel, and then re-attach it to the video in iMovie. This is extremely frustrating as iMovie won't re-export the video in the same high quality. Please someone tell me what the heck is going on. Why does the "computer audio" from the video only work on playback through my mac, while on other devices/internet (places without the voila sound driver) it does not?


  • Hi AutumnElm,

    We checked the sequence on our end and it seems to work fine. Could you please send us your system info, OS details and version number of Voila used?
    Could you please let us know if you're using any external sound Output/Input devices?
    Also, could please open Dropbox in different browser and check if it helps. Do mention the browser used by you.
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