No sound output after trying Boom 2

I just downloaded the trial version of Boom 2 to try it on my MacBook Late 2009 / OS X 10.11.1.
Installed it and let it do its self calibration - no extern speakers were attached during the procedure. Result: NO SOUND-OUTPUT AT ALL!
Checking System Prefs and Audio-MIDI-Setup, restarting my device did not help.
So I decided to deinstall Boom (via the Programs settings menu). This has made things even worse:
Now there is no more option to choose “Internal Speakers" as sound output in the System Preferences - only “Digital Out" with no output controls. I still can hear the Startup Sound while my MacBook restarts. But there is no sound output the the internal speakers when the system has fully booted. The only way to hear sound is by headphones…
If I unplug the headphones there appears a red light in the headphone jack.
According to Apple Support it indicates my device needs to be repaired.
After searching different threads I noticed that I am not the only one experiencing this issue!
I hope you will find a solution for this, as you must understand my anger.
Awaiting your reply!
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